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San Luis Obispo Internet Marketing Companies can create websites that look professional; even enthralling. So how will you know which internet marketing firm to choose? The key to choosing the right web marketing company is in our ability to relate to your business. Customizing goals, according to what you value. More importantly, someone who can deliver according to what you customers value.

That’s where the money is for your business. It’s not in fancy looking graphics or awe inspiring photography, alone. It’s in knowing what your intended audience values, and making sure that you are the business using online marketing tactics that answer their questions. Making sure that when they search for what you offer, you’re appear. We do this by continually gathering marketing insights, and testing hypothesis based on those newly found marketing insights.

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What Values do we employ in Internet Marketing?

We don't charge per hour for customer support

At Central Coast Digital Design, we know that time is money.  That's why we don't sit around talking about ideas all day with our clients.  We actually trail blaze our way through the marketing wilderness.  We find solutions to your toughest problems in the most time-effective manner possible.  Whether it's helping you set up your you@YourWebsite.com style email, or revising the way a photo is cropped on your social media page, we don't charge for customer support.  Many web designers in San Luis Obispo, CA will charge some sort of consultative fee for helping you after your website is live.  If you have questions about how to use the WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or our very own proprietary "Digital Dashboard" fully customizable content management system ("CMS"), we'll help you until you get the hang of it.

Customer service is what we're all about.  That's why we have questionnaires on our pages about Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Pay Per Click Advertising, and other pages.  It helps us get a good snap shot of what your goals are.  And helps us produce a fair and reasonable estimate on the work you need done.  Most importantly, it helps us assess whether we are the right marketing company for your particular industry.  We might find that your particular niche requires a marketing approach that is outside of the scope of the services which we offer.  We're proud to say that 100% of Central Coast Digital Design's client base is the perfect fit between what we do, and which goals need be accomplished.  We'll be ready to help you every step of the way.  With a web designer this efficient and respectful of your time and money, imagine how efficient we'll be in your online marketing campaign.

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Proven marketing campaigns

We offer the Central Coast Digital Design Guarantee; if you can find a San Luis Obispo ecommerce provider to design you a highly converting and fully functional ecommerce website with stunning looks and a great user experience, for a price that is lower, we'll build you your site for $1,000 less. We're so very confident that you'll realize that Central Coast Digital Design is the best choice for all of your ecommerce solutions, that we actually encourage our prospective clients to visit our competitors.

A quick Google search for "SEO Services in San Luis Obispo" will display our most formidable competition when it comes to online marketing. Feel free to check around and gather estimates for your current or future ecommerce website design. We'll be happy to save you $1,000 if any of the ecommerce web designers match or beat our price. What other search engine optimizer on the Central Coast will actually ask you to look up the competition on Google? That's crazy! Crazy like a fox. Because we don't just try to undercut other marketing practitioners. We believe in providing services which pay for themselves. At first glance, our search engine optimization services may seem outside a business' budget. But because our focus is on return on investment, we know that you'll be glad you teamed up with us. As evidenced by our 100% client retention rate.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

The great weight of San Luis Obispo Marketing Companies will talk about search engine optimization as if it were some kind of silver bullet. At Central Coast Digital Design, we take conversion seriously. If you throw a million visitors per day at your website, but that website isn't converting lookers into buyers, what good was it? We have the experience to take your search, social, direct, and referral traffic and show them a web design that compels them to buy and become life-long fans that talk about how great your products and services are to all their friends.

With us, it's not just about showing "traffic" to your website. It's about return on investment. Whether you're in ecommerce or a brick-and-mortar store, conversion optimization is of paramount importance. And we design web pages with this in mind.

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Process We Follow

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    We will assess your goals and budget to draft a unique and cost effective strategy for your business. From web design to the final finishing touches on your eCommerce marketing platform, we can form a plan to fit any of your unique revenue goals.

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    We will take a close look on what your competition has done that has worked well for them, then better them on that same front. Concurrently, we'll use in-depth website analytics to form insights on how we might create higher ROI opportunities that your competition isn't aware of.

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    We'll go to bat for you! As a full service eCommerce SEO Marketing Company based in San Luis Obispo, we take your project seriously. Competition is what we love. Success is what we crave. Contact us TODAY

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What People Say About Us

  • I've been working with Justin over the past few years. He continues to help me implement great marketing ideas in my small retail business. Recently he helped me optimize my google listing. He's always quick to respond and his help is super practical and effective! He's given me valuable advice that has helped me set realistic goals for growing my business!

    Kirstin SherrittOwner, Secret Garden Tea Shop in San Luis Obispo

    Kirstin Sherritt
  • Justin with Central Coast Digital Design was awesome to work with! In a professional and diligent manner he improved our online presence and appearance. We look forward to using his services again and highly recommend anyone looking for honest and reasonable SEO work to give Central Coast Digital Design a call. Thanks again Justin!

    Zoli SooManager at Casa Rosa Elder Care in Arroyo Grande, CA

    Zoli Soo
  • Prior to hiring Justin, our company did not have a presence in online searches unless you typed in our name. With Justin our name is first even when searching "paving san luis Obispo." Our website attracts customers monthly, as well. His insight and ideas were helpful when creating our website. But to be honest, what I most like about Justin is his follow ups with me. I am too busy focusing on running a business. He'll shoot over ideas and if he doesn't hear back, he will follow up until is decision is made. For me he's a constant reminder of the importance of marketing.

    Marc ApodacaApodaca Paving Inc. in Arroyo Grande, CA

    Marc Apodaca
  • Justin was extremely professional, informative, knowledgeable, and patient. I am new to the world of web advertisement and Justin made the learning process so easy and palatable. In just a few short weeks my phone was ringing with new business, thank you Justin!

    Lina CamelloLicensed Marriage and Family Counselor in Atascadero, CA

    Lina Camello
  • Our company FAIRWAY hired Justin to execute updates on our corporate website, fairwaymgt.com FAIRWAY is a San Luis Obispo management firm, involved in the Recreation and Hospitality industries employing approximately 100 local team members. The updates Justin performed to our CULTURE page, were quite involved and very important to the team. Justin did a wonderful job working with us to make sure that the graphical elements were implemented exactly to our standards. Over the course of the project, the updates required more work than Justin anticipated. He did not complain, but faithfully and professionally "out worked" the problem to help us achieve our goal. Justin was a pleasure to collaborate with and we recommend him to address your website design and development needs.

    Ryan ComerfordPresident/CEO of FAIRWAY in San Luis Obispo, CA

    Ryan Comerford
  • Justin Morgan's valuable knowledge has challenged me to think in new ways about SEO & Marketing. His ideas are progressive, forward thinking and with up-to-date insight. Following his advice has helped me to greatly improve my website. And over the the span of a few months time, I was able to raise my website to Page 1 in Google Search Results. Justin has a lot to offer any business who wants to rise above the competition online

    Angela BothwellLicensed Massage Therapist in San Luis Obispo, CA

    Angela Bothwell

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